2016: Vernon Wellness Fair & the Herbal-Health Centre

Monday, February 29, 2016

The Herbal-Health Centre has always made representing cannabis positively and medically benefical a vital element to our practices.

It's always been our goal to participate in local and regional community. In 2016 one of our focuses was being present at the Vernon Wellness Fair. 

The Vernon Wellness Fair started 13 years ago, an event that brought together the public with the myriad of health and wellness services and products available. The Vernon Wellness Fair showcases over 70 products and services from the health and wellness industry from the okanagan. Guests enjoy free admission, a chance to enter to win prizes and free welcome bags.


The Herbal-Health Centre (THHC)...participated in the 2016 Vernon Wellness Fair.

The THHC represented the benefits of cannabis and how the power of local establishments can help people regain health and liberty. We showcased our local & internally produced and sourced medicines and highlighted the importance of personalized cannabis education.



It was a wonderful experience. We were excited to help dispell the stigma of cannabis and instill education on the medical benefits of cannabis.