THHC Testimonials

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My name is Tim. I am 54 and I work full-time as an occupational health and safety professional. I have been a patient at the Herbal-Health Centre

 for the past year. Having access to cannabis products (edibles and smoke-ables) has helped control my pain and helped me sleep at night. I suffer from chronic pain because of a spinal cord injury. I have also had 10 knee operations and suffer from arthritis as a result. Since starting my use of cannabis I have stopped taking Demerol. I was on Demerol for the past 15 years. I have not touched any opiates in the past year. I am a healthier person now and I really don't want to go back on opiates as they are very hard on my body.

- Tim, Vernon BC


I have been a client of the Herbal-Health Centre for approximately a year. They have always been an excellent centre with their advice and with incredible staff who have a great deal of education and knowledge. I personally have not been impressed with any other dispensary and I have visited many in the Vancouver area and some others in the Okanagan. In the past I worked in law enforcement and wish to stay away from dispensaries that sell to minors or that are run by people selling other hardcore drugs. The Vernon Herbal-Health Centre is the only dispensary I have found to be the best. Their medicine has assisted me with pain and the worst migraines. They have helped so many people with cancer, PTSD, severe pain, and other problems. The Herbal-Health Centre is a good dispensary with great staff and a high professional attitude.

- Tamara, Lillooet BC


I am a client of the Herbal-Health Centre and have been a client now for almost 3 years. I use cannabis medicinally on a daily basis and have been doing so now for 10 years. My conditions are Thoracic outlet syndrome, Raynaud's disease, Carpal tunnel syndrome that are circulation problems in my extremities that are a result of an injury. I also have chronic pain from an accident where I fell 35 ft. I have had 34 major operations over the course of time to deal with the damage that was done and it left me in a great deal of discomfort and heavily medicated to the point where I couldn’t work and had to go on social assistance to get by.

I was on prescribed narcotics for years and the doctors tried everything from blood thinners, to anti-inflammatories with the worst of the bunch being the narcotic pain killers of which over time I became addicted too. I was on 50mg Demerol oral tablets and at a point on a bad day I would take up to 20 tablets just to get some relief. My tolerance got so high that they started to become ineffective. My doctor tried numerous other avenues, ie: nerve blocks, cutting of the thoracic nerve in my neck, and numerous different pain medications, such as: Fentanyl, Hydromorphone, Statex (Morphine, IM injection done in my home), MS Contin (Morphine, slow-release), Tylenol 3 and 4 all with some pain relief; however with that came the side effects of the medication and I was left with no options but to live day to day as best I could. A new avenue was presented to me 10 years ago. Cannabis was something that I never tried and the instant result was nothing short of a miracle. An associate of mine got me to try it and the results were outstanding.

This brings me to three years ago when the Herbal-Health Centre opened. Finally, a sterile environment in a clinical setting with professional service like a pharmacy where I could go and obtain my medicine without consequence, which for me was lifesaving. Because of cannabis I returned to the work force and I am off social assistance supporting my family on my own. I have held the same job for 10 years now, all a result of cannabis allowing me to have a life again. 

- Eric, Enderby BC


The environment of the Herbal-Health Centre is clean like a pharmacy. The staff are knowledgable about cannabis products and what works depending on the disability, illness or condition. I have felt unsafe at other dispensaries, but at the THHC I feel safe and welcomed picking up my medical cannabis. It's nice not to feel like a criminal when I am picking up my medication.

- Helen, Lake Country BC